Update 2013

The Ecoforest land in Spain has now passed to new owners, new contact details will be coming soon. Ecoforest is looking for a new site on the South Coast of England in the Dorset area:

New  Eco Community project in Dorset,could you be interested?

“We are looking for people and families interested in forming

a veggie/vegan eco community near the coast in Dorset/SW England.

Based on permaculture and cohousing principles, we’d like to forge

a healthier way of life: grow most of our own food and fuel;

 generate our own energy; share skills; provide a place for courses,

 activities, holidays, retreats; and create an abundant biodiverse

 forest garden to share. We hope to find somewhere with a rural feeling,

 but with good transport links and wider communities nearby.


We are aiming to move quickly and so are looking to purchase somewhere

 either with permission to build or existing dwellings; co-purchasing

will be more affordable than doing it alone, but this will need financial

 and personal commitment.


Anyone that would like to be involved or who has potential funding or a possible site in mind please get in touch: chriskennett01 at hotmail.com

An archive of the old Ecoforest website is available here.