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Ecoforest Education for Sustainability
Eco organic/permacultre community farm project
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Current Definition of Ecoforest visiting and member options, autumn 2005

Ecoforest person and planet healing space

We offer you

A space to heal relax cleanse and learn

A place to connect with and learn from nature yourself and others,

We consider ourselves fortunate to have this land
We welcome like-minded people to share in our good fortune

Nature teaches us Ecoforest is a self help project 500 plus people have stayed here in the last 5 years for varying lengths of time all benefited from there experiences learning from nature themselves and others, relaxing healing cleansing, good weather, good food, sun, swimming in the river, meeting new friends etc,


The land: 3 acre rustic smallholding / finca 25miles from Malaga airport

Situated In one of the most natural and beautiful valleys left in southern Spain

Well into the countryside with few neighbours' 5 miles to the nearest town.


The land has a river at the bottom end sloping up to a mixed orchard a veg garden, a 6x6metre out-door covered kitchen and a water canal, in the middle theirs olives almonds and the entrance road, up top a house camping and living space


There's space: for about 20 or so people at any one time, please see the visiting details and other relevant sections of our web-site


Visiting-staying-money: read web-site then print map and directions, just show up in the day time with tent sleeping-bag food and money for food etc plus contribution towards project bills 5-15 eu Per-day, 5 camping 10 bunk room 15 house

Food type: Vegan-raw or cooked self-catering

Buying Food: purchased from local towns by the people living and visiting here group purchases and co-operation being normal. But you may need to go yourself to buy food and if u don't have a car by walking hitching or in a taxi if there isn't someone there with a car who's going out. Some food is grown on site,

Cooking:Threes no cooking facilities at present so bring your own if u want to cook,
no open fires in summer, fires are only allowed in the Spanish countryside in winter.

Food objective: optimum health physically mentally emotionally and spiritually

Drinking Water: carried individually from a spring 100 m from site across river, or from other springs in town, hills, etc

River Water and canal water: for bathing washing and swimming, (not drinkable)

Electricity computers phone: currently for electricity we have basic small 12v solar panels that provide light and mobile phone charging to the house, we recently got a petrol generator and turn it on a for very short periods to power tools, juicers and blenders (bring your own) phones; we have a mobile phone, computers, e-mail; we go to an internet cafe in town. Theirs no mains electricity and theirs no land-line-phone

Accommodation: mostly camping bring a tent, sleeping bag etc just show up in the daytime.
We will put up a notice on our web-site notice board if camping space is full (unlikely)

Also available a few beds and spaces in the bunk room and house ( you need to book beds ) and bring bedding/sleeping bag sheet etc. We only supply mattress.

Communal house; traditional rebuilt stone farm house/barn with log-fire in winter


Things to be aware of at Ecoforest

Please be aware that you will be living in a rustic self catering farm environment and that u will have to look after your-self re food water camping emotions etc and that there may or may not be many people there to support you, sometimes theirs 10-20. Sometimes 1-2.

Cars vans transport roads: in case u want to bring a vehicle in winter the last half mile of road is rough and the last few hundred yards even rougher, when it rains unless u have a 4 wheel drive u may not be able to get in or out for a few days, we don't have a lot of parking space in winter. so please let us now if u want to bring a vehicle. It is possible to get a taxi within half a mile of the land and regular buses from the local towns to other places. We have never actually been cut of for long; we have always had food and water,

We hope while you are here, you can find the peace that's within yourself and all of us we hope you can connect with the peace and natural rhythm of nature the peace and harmony nature can teach, (many people have-done, this is why we are here )

Sometimes those who are use to the distractions and modern conveniences of city life have difficulty getting into living loving and learning with nature
Fukuoka Masanoba the prominent author of books on forest and natural farming recommends we simply observe nature and see it as it is forgetting what we have been taught academically, being fully open to learning from what we see and experience in nature

See the visitor information section for more details.

Important - Ecoforest is a dedicated person and planet healing space; Therefore we live
without smoking drugs alcohol, violence, pets, dogs etc and all food is vegan.

We strive to live with minimal damage to the planet's Eco-system

There are possibilities of becoming a member or trustee


Large Community; Ecoforest would like to establish a large community on a large piece of land. We are looking at the possibility of connecting with other Vegan Eco groups in England but will consider any suggestions or offers so if u have land money or now of a good area let us now, we are also looking for new members and investment in the project to improve the facilities. Please see other sections of web-site for full details.

Umbrella organisation, Ecoforest would like to establish an umbrella organisation to support or bring together various compatible groups; the process would be joining with other groups

Please contact us if you are interested in this

Home Comforts v natural living; the ideal and the practical,

Ecoforest has actually been very successful over 500 people have passed through the place what we wanted is. A large Eco Vegan community, after 5 years we see more clearly our strengths and our limitations that are mainly born of conditioning and attachment to the cultures we have grown up in and/or currently live in as well as pressure coming from the industrialised world's trend towards degeneration of self-sufficient communities cultures tribes minorities and diminishing family spirit, as well as the in-ability (so far although we are working on it) to form a large-enough tribe/community that is needed to do something ecologically and veganicaly substantial

That degeneration of society extends down to the seeds we plant in the garden which equals the food we eat being hybridised irradiated or genetically modified so it's an up hill struggle these days to do something different in an industrialised world even if it is natural.

So we decided after 5 years its time to be more realistic and not so hard on ourselves for not achieving in the name of ecology this way we hope to get more members to the

Project and make it more of a place to relax and go forward in our lives to chill out and discover ourselves and nature that's not so easy when we are on an eco-mission,
so now the mission is to relax heal cleanse observe learn and gather together

Some improvements and changes

Food: in order to bring more people to the project and to re-focus the project on optimum health, we decided to designate the space as a vegan cooked food as well as a vegan living food space. So all you vegans out there if the raw food issue has held u back in the past hears your chance

Solar electricity: we don't currently have the technical now how to manage a big solar system, so we will properly go for mains, the neighbours are looking into having electricity, some members have there own small solar systems, and we have a small solar system on the house, we prefer solar

Mains electricity: we realised people living here for longer periods want to have some of the modern facilities they are use to and it seems unrealistic to ask people to accept a substantially lower standard of living than they are use to as many of us could work out from here. To go into town or back to England for work or communications is counterproductive so we may get mains electricity soon which would open up the possibility of satellite internet computers and phone so some people could then work from here. We could then have rapid food processing, a well and a pump to pump water up to the house and irrigate the upper land, etc

Road: we are negotiating with neighbours and the council over improving the road access

House and accommodation: we are working on improving bed space and hope members can make themselves comfortable by having nice yurts, domes, tents, etc and by re-building the old section of the house We need planing to develop and rebuild the derelict part of the house and to find 50,000 - 150,000 eu to make it into a block of 4-6 self contained bed sits bunk rooms etc or whatever the group wants

Water: we could have a well drilled and install a pump, irrigation systems, storage tank up top, etc, it's a consideration and would cost about 10,000 - 20,000 eu depending on details

Land: we are working on planting tall fruit and nut trees that will look after them selves thereby eventually creating a shade canopy plus continuing planting various veg, many of the fruit trees we planted are growing well and have just started fruiting within the last year or two.

If you would like to help us develop this healing and learning space we would much appreciate that, when the money comes in we will do all the improvements to the land road house etc, the members do have some money and we will use that for the essentials.

Please see the sections on our web-site relating to donations and becoming a member.


Autumn 2005. The natural setting and lifestyle at Ecoforest offers an opportunity for significant powerful personal and spiritual development. Many people have experienced very beneficial positive life changes here and have valued those changes significantly.

There are a variety of options for new people to become involved. Specific roles are:

•  Becoming a member and possibly managing aspects the project. We are looking for about 20 or more new members to each be there for about 1 or 2 months a year or more so theirs always 5-10 people there.

•  Managing visitor's, there-by covering your expenses and the project local expenses. Attracting visitors for specific periods of time when you are in this role.

•  Managing volunteers to work on the land.

•  Visiting regularly,

•  Doing paperwork e-mail administration Fundraising.

•  Growing fruit and veg etc.

These roles may be taken on for example 3 month, 6 month or 12 month periods.

Possibilities include a couple or small team coming and looking after Ecoforest for a year. This might be people who are already familiar with Ecoforest, or new contacts, in which case a period of time to get to know the place beforehand would be needed. Alternatively people could co-ordinate visitor arrivals for 2 or 3 months, perhaps running a course within this time. We normally have more visitors from Britain we also have many from Germany , the US , Canada , Israel , Scandinavia and elsewhere.

There is great potential to sustain and develop Ecoforest as a unique healthy Vegan living food ecological, experience and example of simple sustainable living. This is most likely if a new team of people become involved.

If you are interested in living here we will be publicising various dates in due course when potential residents can visit learn about experience and meet others.
The next date will be the month of October 2005.

If you are interested email us at see the notice board for updates and the becoming a resident section for more details.