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Ecoforest Education for Sustainability
Eco organic/permacultre community farm project
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The current situation at Ecoforest - September 2005

Ecoforest Noticboard - The Ecoforest website now has a noticeboard where people can post when they will be staying at Ecoforest, to help with organisation.

Opportunities at Ecoforest

Living at Ecoforest
We have vacancies for Residents and for skilled people to become Temporary Residents at our wonderful Finca by the Rio Grande. If you are interested in raw-food community living, read our proposal to potential residents.

Running courses at Ecoforest
Would you like to teach or organise a course at Ecoforest? Or are you a teacher or practitioner who is looking for a simple environment in which to live and work? Ecoforest is a special place for education in many fields: mind, body, spirit, arts, crafts, culture, language, healing, sustainable living and construction, ecological attunement, consciousness raising.....Past courses and retreats have included: Sivananda Yoga, Spanish Language, Permaculture. We look forward to being able to present a diversity of courses against a background of natural living, raw food and sustainable community. Contact us for more information.

Fundraising for Ecoforest
We are looking for people to acquire grants and fund-raise for Ecoforest. Please contact us if you have skills in this area.

Ecoforest has it's own song - Ecoforest Baby Blues, download mp3 now (4.35mb)

Written by Wim Bommerez, Simon Shakespeare, Steve Charter and sung by Wim Bommerez and Steve Charter. It is part of a CD called "Earth Stars - Songs of Permaculture". See the Permaculture Musicians website for more info.

Ecological Footprint -

Try the quiz to find out how ecological your life is. Steve Charter got a score of 1.4 global hectares for living at Ecoforest, he says that it would be quite a bit lower if he didn't have a van and doing driving partly for himself back to England each year, and partly for Ecoforest.

Ecoforest video - Ana from Venezuela has made a video about Ecoforest, you can now watch the first two minutes over the internet. If you don't have the Apple QuickTime plugin, you can download it.



Latest News from the Finca

International Eco-village Network
If you would like to be part of a group dedicated to setting up, living and working within an international eco-village network, get in touch as we are facilitating the formation of a group that will acquire a property in England and another in the Tropics. (Added 16th Julio.)

Ley of the land
There are dragons in the valley! Landscape Feng-Shui consultant Sunny Herz is with us over the summer. Sunny works with the "Form School" of Feng Shui and has undertaken a ´Flying Stars' analysis of our Finca. Sunny will also be mapping the ley lines around Ecoforest. Sunny is working in partnership with landscape architects in Germany, anyone interested in her services can contact: (Added 16th Julio.)

Raw-food communities on the Web
Ecoforest resident and permaculture teacher Steve Charter has set up, a website to explore the infinite potential of raw-vegan-eco-communities... (Added 16th Julio.)

Ecoforest Education for Sustainability
Ecoforest has become an affiliated project of the Permaculture Association (UK). This affiliation enables the Permaculture Association to authorise Ecoforest to work on the P.A.(U.K.)´s behalf for agreed projects for which Ecoforest may make use of the P.A.(U.K.)´s charitable status in raising funds. The Ecoforest Garden Trust has been renamed "Ecoforest Education for Sustainability" in order to more explicitly state our environmental and educational objectives. The stated objectives of the organisation remain the same. We are continuing and developing our activities in Spain, with related activities happening in Britain, and remain keen to spread our work around the world. (Added 16th Julio.)

Courses at Ecoforest 2003/4.
"Bring your mind to your body, bring your body to the planet.....
simple living.....close to nature.....with inspiring teachers.....
set a course to change your life....."

Permaculture Courses @ Ecoforest
A unique opportunity to learn the principles of Permaculture design whilst living deep in nature. A two week course taught by Ecoforest founders Steve Charter and Devin Ashwood. Certificated by the Permaculture Association (UK). Full course details here.


The Ecoforest Plan 2004 to 2005

December 2004 Newsletter - download as word doc

Ecoforest Autumn/Winter 2003 newsletter - Word doc or Adobe PDF

Read the Ecoforest Summer 2003 Newsletter here!
or download as a Word document here (rtf here).

"In under 3 years...
Over 400 visitors, staying days, weeks, months...
35 Permaculture graduates and 55 by the end of 2003,
Huge positivity and enthusiasm...many lives changed forever..."
YES! 100% vegan and natural!