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Ecoforest Education for Sustainability
Eco organic/permacultre community farm project
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Our mission

The Mission of Ecoforest Education for Sustainability is to develop and expand our work from our first eco-education project in southern Spain. Alongside education and the provision of information on naturally healthy and sustainable lifestyles, we intend to create eco-education projects and communities around the world where a simple, naturally healthy and sustainable lifestyle is normal.
These Ecoforest 'paradise gardens' will be places where residents and volunteers sustain themselves in ways which also sustain and enhance the environment for generations to come. They will be places that people can visit and learn that living in harmony with nature and each other is not only possible, but also a beautiful, nurturing and fulfilling way to live.

Ecoforest Education for Sustainability is a non-profit organisation and is registered as an affiliated project of the Permaculture Association (UK), with the following objectives:

The advancement of public education particularly by the promotion of knowledge in the field of:

Sustainable vegan-organic agriculture, horticulture, and permaculture.

About Ecoforest
Ecoforest is a charitable (non-profit) organisation set up to provide education about living and working in simple, natural, sustainable and healthy ways.

Ecoforest has created a unique situation where people can live, learn and visit in a natural, healthy sustainable way. This unique ecological micro-climate is special to those who live here for ecological, health and spiritual reasons. It is a beacon of positivity for many people that has changed lives by providing inspiration, education and support.

In these first years of the project before deciding on locations for more permanent dwellings we are living in tents, domes, tepees etc. In the meantime we are rebuilding the main house, observing the land and weather patterns, researching drought tolerant, soil improving trees and shrubs, composting, swaling, planting lots of salad plants, fruit trees and establishing the forest gardens to create a multi-levelled edible eco-system.

The trustees and project members feel that Ecoforest will have significant and increasing value as a demonstration of environmental sustainability in many areas, particularly the agricultural and residential sector where environmental damage is reaching immense proportions. We intend to demonstrate that food can be produced by families and communities, and by farmers, all around the world without destruction of the natural environment - thus also making people more economically self-reliant and offering a positive alternative to globalisation trends. We believe this is of great interest to the general public who now favour a more balanced, healthier, safer and natural environment. The project's purpose is to live and grow food in an environmentally sound way ourselves, demonstrating and teaching this to others. We welcome donations and grants to help us in this work - and to help us acquire more land/property for this purpose, whilst running the project as a charity.

Co-operation, Communication and Team-work
Let us know your ideas plans and interests. There is an on site core group who have responsibility for the management of the land. Decisions are made by core group discussion and consultation with the Trustees: Gaura, Steve and Chris.

Contact us at Ecoforest Education for Sustainability, Apdo 29, Coin 29100, Malaga, Spain.

    Telephone  (0034) 661079950


YES, 100% Vegan, Raw Food and Natural!