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Ecoforest Education for Sustainability
Eco organic/permacultre community farm project
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Update current situation march 2012

Ecoforest is in the process of handing over the current project land to a vegan oriented non profit organisation who plan to move on to the land in the late summer or autumn of 2012.
Ecoforest along with the new owners are currently pruning cleaning and planting trees on the land with the help of the farmer next door.

The Ecoforest group is currently considering various options mainly based around setting up an eco community project with land in the uk possibly in Dorset  Hampshire or Sussex.Further details

Phone (0044) (0)2392 611607


Ecoforest self help healing and Eco-learning chill-out space

Ecoforest is a dedicated person and planet healing space

Natural country setting without smoking, drugs, alcohol, violence, pets, dogs etc.
All food is Vegan. We strive to live with minimal damage to the planet's Eco-system

Please note: We dont have a phone at present therefore people intending to visit Ecoforest will need to print the Map and Directions so you can find the place.
You can phone Gaura in the UK if you want some information on 07727-145-489

Please click on the visiting section if you want visit or stay. Also use the new noticeboard to see or update who will be at Ecoforest and when.

We would like more people here to help keep the project going.
There are possibilities of living here becoming a member or trustee etc.
In an attempt to attract more new members we are now designating the project food ethics as Vegan, (raw or cooked - vegan food being acceptable on site)
Previously 100% raw food.

The current situation at Ecoforest - Spring 2006