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Ecoforest Education for Sustainability
Eco organic/permacultre community farm project
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Ethical investment the future of our planet

'Ecoforest' is a charitable organization that's been actively providing education since August 2000 that supports individual and social change towards sustainable natural healthy ways of living creating a better future for ourselves and our children

We are inviting people to invest in the project by becoming members or to simply make a donation to the project. The property we have in Spain is of good value for our purposes but we need substantial investment to continue helping people improve there lives and improve public awareness regarding ecological and health choices we want to improve the facilities for visitors, as well as provide more courses, information, etc.

The first 5 years; around 600 people from many countries visited Ecoforest they came to take advantage of the Ecoforest environment as a way of improving the planet and their health … physical, emotional and spiritual… Some stayed many months, some just a few days.

Either way we are proud to say its been a great Success - We have seen many lives change for the Better,

The next 5 years objectives :

  • To promote the importance of living lightly, by continuing to offer experiential education and practical information that enables people to live sustainable, healthy, fulfilling lives.
  • Expanding the existing Ecoforest project in Spain to accommodate more project workers students and visitors, as well as more educational courses and gatherings.
  • To work with other compatible groups particularly vegan groups and to shear our land with other groups to link with or establish other similar projects around the world;
  • Ecoforest wishes to continue providing opportunities for people to experience living a healthy natural way of life.

Our standard project objectives can be viewed here

Some people are already dedicating their lives to this project, some a few months a year and others for as long as it takes. We are working to create a more peaceful, naturally healthy sustainable world

Hears all the details needed to make Donations directly into the Ecoforest bank account
cheque , direct-debit, standing-order, etc.

Eco Forest Garden Trust,
community direct acc,
Co-operative Bank,
Kings Valley , - Yew St ,
Stockport, - Cheshire ,
SK4 2JU .
England , UK

Account Number: 650 505 61. Sort code: 08 92 99.

Donations of Land and Property;
To cater for an expanding project we would like to see donations of land or property to help expand the vision.

Offering a zero interest loan ;
Although donations are preferred, offering a zero interest loan to Ecoforest could help tremendously,

Any ideas are welcome; we would like to create an economy here that supports the people working on the project who currently earn money elsewhere to cover there living costs while they are here so they can support the project and be available for visitors ?

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you have the ability please support this project you will not be disappointed

Contact: Email: or tel (+34) 661 079 950


    YES 100% Vegan, Raw Food and Natural