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Ecoforest Education for Sustainability
Eco organic/permacultre community farm project
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Up-date of Current Situation Spring 2006


Were asking for more people to come and live here so we can continue to keep the project open to visitors

In the first 5 years around 600 visitors from many countries visited Ecoforest People come here to take advantage of the Ecoforest environment as a way of improving their health … physical, mental and spiritual… Some stay many months, some just a few days. Either way we are proud to say we have seen many lives change for the better, change your life give it a go.


New Members Needed

Opportunities to live in a beautiful place

Ethical Investments and Healing Holidays


Were inviting 20 or more people to become New Members or long term visitors to fire up the project and keep it open to the public and visitors. Were also inviting responsible people members or not to stay at least; One or 2 months per year; or 2-10 steady individuals who could stay for longer periods to take some responsibility for the gardens, trees, growing food, admin, visitor support, fund rising, etc.

While living in a beautiful place and having a good time.


Vegan groups; please contact us;

This offer should be very interesting to Vegan groups throughout Europe who don't have their own land and want a place to meet up for holidays together with like minded people.

Courses; Keith is offering Yoga for beginners and fitness training from beginners to advanced, on a one to one basis or for small groups, Keith completed his teachers training course for Astanga Yoga in India and has also worked as a professional football coach


We welcome other people who can run appropriate courses here to talk to us about that possibility. Please contact us.


Ethical Investors Needed

Were inviting people to invest in the project by Become members or to simply invest in the project, we need substantial investment to continue helping people improve there lives and improve public awareness regarding ecological and health choices therefore we need to improve the facilities for visitors and members,
The current property is now valued at; 160,000 - 250,000 eu and rising fast due to development in the local area, road improvements last year and 50 or so houses to be built on the land next door this year


Please donate or invest in the project if you have the ability to do so


For further information please click on
visiting - members - donating – etc.


Healing Holidays

Ecoforest is a small Vegan Eco-vegan community project in southern Spain based on simple natural living, health, and education,

Many people have found Ecoforest suitable for spiritual retreats,
sorting out there health Life etc.

A lot of people who come here recognise this is a special place


See visiting section for further details


Getting more involved; We welcome responsible people to come and work with us and visit for a while to get a feel for what it's like to live here. We particularly welcome people who are skilled, self-motivated, effective, and who can support themselves financially,

If you are interested in these ideas please; e-mail us at;

Write in subject box; responsible, member, visitor, courses, investor, etc



Best wishes from; Gaura, Steve, Chris I and Chris K.



For further information please click on

visiting - members - donating – etc.